Pigeon Dove is really Harmful?

Pigeon Dove

Really! Can a dove be a symbol of peace?
Is Pigeon/Dove Really Harmful?

Once upon a time, I have read an article about “pigeon droppings and its effects”. I didn’t think it would be so serious at the time but…
The incident has a true happened, which is mentioned below
Although the pigeon is a very simple-looking bird. But, it can put us at the door of death in just 6 months.
I Can’t believe it…!
But this is true. Two weeks ago I lost a close friend who lives here in Thane due to “pigeon droppings”.

There were pigeons living and feces around the AC duct unit in the grill under the window of a friend’s flat for almost three months. Neglected pigeons, eggs, and chicks lived in the dung.
What the family had no idea was that the air coming from the AC into the house would carry dust containing micro-organisms from dried feces into the house.

When a pigeon flies, this fecal dust enters the AC through the mesh from the back of the outdoor outlet, and from there, through the inlet pipe, these germs enter the closed AC. Even if the windows are tightly closed, germs still get infected. It is surprising that these germs survive in water, phenol, acid, and Dettol… this was written in the report.
Symptoms are written in the report… weakness, dry cough, fever, colic, easy sweating, body swelling, decrease in oxygen level, and irritability. A special symptom is a sudden hyperventilation… I was shocked to read this in the report.
A 45-year-old friend suffered from illness for two months and went for X-rays and other tests.
Coincidentally, the doctor who was approached for treatment and started the treatment, Dr. Kapoor himself recently passed away due to old age. The diagnosis was Acute Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis.
(This disease is caused by pigeon droppings)
Doctor Kapoor had to change both the treatment method and the hospital when the link was lost.
Lungs and trachea were completely infected…The report came and it was mentioned that 60% of Lungs had failed.
Information regarding this matter came to light while enquiring. But it was too late and the friend was shocked when the doctor said, “There is no cure for this. Let the patient live as long as he lives.”
The interior of the Lungs shrinks and the efficiency gradually decreases.
The patient has to be given oxygen.
What is special is that this disease is not understood early. No matter how good the resistance is, the effect is there.
A lung transplant was not easy. Because it is not available and costly. Finally, death overtook that friend last week. All of our friends joined the Vaikuntavasi Yatra by tying 2 masks on our noses. Mitra’s death proved that the dove is not a messenger of peace but a messenger of peace. Now all the persons in that house have more or less lung disease as mentioned above.
Treatment continues but I see the rest of the family suffering from respiratory disease for the rest of their lives.
Sad but trusting how big a charge pigeon can make…
I have written this by taking information from a knowledgeable person regarding this subject.
This information needs to reach everyone!!
Because other bird animals bathe in water and mud bath they are clean but pigeon is very dirty.
Therefore, the disease spreads throughout the body. Black fleas produced by pigeon droppings are finer than the tip of a needle.
My friend Doctor and Doctor Maithrin from Mumbai Zoological Museum and Pune Snake Park explained more about the pigeon.
Since other birds of prey eat grains and natural food, their faces and urine are not contagious, and the droppings supplement the plant as fertilizer.
The saliva and faces of pigeons, bats, vultures, tares, and Komodo dragons are acidic and poisonous.

The True Story of Related of Common Bird (Pigeon/Dove)

The easiest solution to this is to keep the pigeon away.

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