The connection between pot and your health in the kitchen

Earthen Pots

Who are your friends and enemies in the kitchen?

Let’s Find out!


Gold Pots

Pots of gold

Gold is a hot metal. Prepared in a pot of gold Internal and external body by eating processed food Parts become powerful and strong and because of gold Eyesight also brightens.



Silver Vessels

Silver is a cooling metal,

Which cools the body from the inside. Keeps the body calm.

Prepared in silverware. Eating processed food lights up the brain,
Improves eye health and vision and controls pitta dosha, kapha, and vayu dosha happens


Bronze vessels


Bronze vessels

     Eating from the udder bowl sharpens the intellect, purifies the blood, and calms the blood, and appetite increases. But sour things must not be grown or kept in brazen vessels, because sour things come Metal heats up when it comes in contact with metal (chemical reaction of metal with acidic substances and it becomes toxic and harmful to the body. Food in a brass bowl. Cooking retains 97% of nutrients.   Live and lose only 3% nutrients happen for this they need to work.


Copper vessel

A copper vessel

Drinking water kept in a copper vessel is disease-free, blood-pure, memory sharp,

as well as the liver.
Complaints go away, copper water removes toxins from the body,

So the water kept in this vessel is good for health. But
Do not drink milk from a copper vessel, It is harmful to the body.




Brass vessels

Worm diseases, Kapha, and Vayu diseases by eating food

prepared in brass vessels disappear. Cooking food in brass

cookware provides 93% of nutrients and only 7% is lost.

But Brass utensils should be polished. (Tin)




Iron pots

Eating food prepared in iron pots increases the strength of the body, iron is essential for

the body
Adds nutrients. Iron cures many diseases, cures scurvy,
Stops swelling and yellowness of the body,

Cures disease and keeps away jaundice. But it should not be eaten in an iron pot
It reduces intelligence and causes brain degeneration. Drinking milk from an iron pot is good.


Non-stick coatings

Utensils with non-stick coatings

These pots are very attractive in appearance and are widely available in the market
There are but the company gives us different guidelines while using them but 90% of customers follow these instructions
They use them without paying attention. Metals are sold with a non-stick coating.
This coating, usually Teflon is made of the same material. It easily releases food and during cooking
Uses less oil. But note this, it is important that non-stick coatings cookware overheats after a certain period of time
Doing so can release potentially harmful chemicals. When the coating deteriorates
Following the manufacturer’s instructions and non-stick cookware when signs appear
It is advisable to change.
If you continue to use this non-stick pan, you will face many diseases in the future may take this releases potentially harmful chemicals that go directly into the stomach with the cooked food
Can and can cause many dangerous diseases.


Steel utensils

Steel utensils

Steel utensils are not damaged by heat or acid because they chemically
Not reacting. It does no harm. In a steel bowl
Eating cooked food neither benefits nor harms the body.



 Aluminum utensils

                                       Aluminum utensils

Aluminium is made from bauxite. Prepared in his vessel eating food harms the body itself. This metal absorbs iron and calcium, so using pots should not weaken the bones. Mental diseases occur and liver and nervous system damage occurs. Along with kidney failure, Serious like tuberculosis, asthma, and diabetes Diseases occur. Cooking food in an aluminum cooker destroys 87% of its nutrients happen only 13% of nutrients remain.




Earthen Pot (Pottery)

Cooking food in clay pots provides nutrients, which cure every disease
Keep away from you. Eating food in an earthen pot cures many diseases in the body

It is now accepted by modern science. According to Ayurveda, food is nutritious and
Cook slowly for flavour. A bit for cooking food in clay pots
Takes more time, but the benefits are healthy and wonderful. Earthen pots for milk and milk products are most useful. 100% nutritional value by cooking food in clay pots gets and it tastes different when eaten in a clay pot.

From the above information, you can choose the pots according to your needs and the capacity that should be used.




Mineral Nutrition       Gain Nutrition     Loss Nutrition          Recommended (Physical Benefits)

Gold                                          —-                                —-                                Strong body and bright eyes
Silver                                         —-                                —-                                Best used in childhood
Bronze                                       97%                             3%                                 Very good option
Copper                                      —–                               —-                                 Good for drinking water
Brass                                          93%                             7%                                  Should only be used wristed
Iron                                            35%                            —–                                Good for chapatti roti bread
Non-stick                                   27%                             73%                               Limited Lifetime! Very harmful later
Stainless steel has                      No Gain                      68%                               Nothing bad good effect also
Aluminum                                   87%                           13%                                Most harmful
Pottery                                       100%                           00%                               Best

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